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Vintage Lives Genealogy is all about what makes your family history unique, classic, and timeless. I want to uncover the amazing lives that have lead up to you being you and have helped shape the world in which we all live. Knowing our family history helps us feel grounded in an increasingly disconnected world and builds an understanding of how we fit into the past, the present, and the future.


Time spent learning about your family history is never wasted, but I know how hectic your life is. That’s where Vintage Lives Genealogy comes in; I have the skills to take on the challenge of compiling your family history so you can enjoy the sense of connection without all the work. You will receive a professional, well-written, properly cited report detailing your family’s history, with the option of having that information turned into a published book or beautiful family tree that you can share with family and friends.


Products and Services


Hourly Research

$35/hr + tax and expenses

$30/hr for 10 hours or more

I conduct research on Canadian, British Isles (online), and American (online) records. All research engagements produce a professional report that includes (as applicable):

  • A full family pedigree chart

  • A timeline of family and historical events

  • Family unit pedigree charts

  • Individual and family group reports

  • Narrative biographies

  • Research summaries and suggestions for further research

  • Record transcriptions

  • Digital copies (and certified copies, if available) of records

  • Full source citations for all information found

A note on taxes and expenses

Taxes (HST) only apply to Canadian residents.

My contract requests a $50 expense budget to cover small expenses (see the explanation of expenses below), which will be added to the final bill, if used. Larger costs, such as translation, records costing more than $10 each, or travel expenses to outside of the Greater Toronto Area, will require your approval.

  • Travel – Travel costs can include the cost of travelling to an archive or records repository or a research trip outside of the GTA. Any travel outside of the GTA will require your approval.

  • Records – Although I make every effort to find records through means that are free to you, some records require an additional cost. Any expenses for records (including but not limited to: postage, photocopying, and the cost of the record itself) are charged extra. There is no extra charge for record transcription.

  • Translation – If I have to get a record translated into English, this may come with an additional charge, which will require your approval. I work with an excellent native French speaker to translate records from French, and other language translators can be acquired as needed.

writing and publishing

The research report you receive for my work is top-notch, but your family and friends may not be as excited by transcriptions and charts. Showcase your heritage by having your family story published in a book! Each project, like each family, is unique, so I will work with you to produce a product that you will be proud to show off. You can choose from a prose book, illustrated coffee table book, even a cookbook of treasured family recipes. They make great gifts for Christmas or a family reunion. Contact me to discuss project options and cost.

your family history online

Share your family history with even your most distant cousins with a custom website. Website's can display your heritage in a dynamic way that's just not possible on the printed page. Your site can be made public or password protected.

Pedigree Charts to Frame

I am working with a wide variety of artists to design family tree prints that you will want to give pride of place. Each print is hand-lettered with your family names and dates; all you do is pick your favourite design. Best of all, part of the proceeds from each print is shared with the artist who designed it, so you will be helping to support independent artists!


talk to Me


Whatever your project, whether you need help accessing local Canadian records, or you want someone to take on the whole project and present you with a completed family history, I would love to talk with you about your research goals!